Community Charter

Our Tottenham – A Community Charter

Planning & Regeneration by and for the Community
As agreed and launched by the Our Tottenham conference on Saturday April 6th 2013; updated Oct 2014

Our Tottenham Community Charter 2014

OUR voices, OUR communities, OUR neighbourhoods, OUR TOTTENHAM!

Tottenham is a great place with a rich social and architectural history, made up of vibrant, diverse and talented communities. We want to ensure this continues!

The Council are promoting their ‘Plan for Tottenham’, backed by property developers, big business, and the Mayor of London. The Council is gifting public money and assets to the profit-driven developers, and have so far largely refused to listen to the views of residents. The plans include a range of measures, some of which will seriously impact on our lives and our communities. The plans promote corporate-led and large scale urban development; increased rents and unaffordable housing; and the loss of some independent local shops, homes, community facilities and small businesses.

Coupled with the Government’s planning policies and attacks on vital public services and people’s welfare, the major effect of all this will be to over-develop Tottenham, to threaten its positive community-scale character in many areas, to promote profiteering at the community’s expense, and the forced displacement of thousands of local people who can no longer find or keep any affordable place to live.

This is unacceptable. It doesn’t have to be like this. Together we are very powerful.

We pay tribute to all those thousands of Tottenham residents and community groups who have campaigned and worked so hard to improve their local areas and facilities.

We pledge to fight for OUR common interests, OUR neighbourhoods, OUR community facilities and for the needs of OUR communities throughout Tottenham.

We call on the people of Tottenham to oppose all inappropriate planning and developments and campaign to defend facilities and proposals which are led by local residents, for our benefit, and which improve neighbourhoods for our communities – not just for the benefit of big business.

We will show support for and help initiate new resident and community-led development plans that support the interests of local people. We support the Our Tottenham community planning and regeneration action network set up to spread co-operation and solidarity throughout Tottenham’s neighbourhoods.


Together with local people we will take action to….

DEFEND COMMUNITY FACILITIES: protect and expand the ‘social infrastructure’ our communities value and rely on, including community centres, local pubs, corner shops, playgrounds & parks, GP surgeries, post offices etc

STAND UP FOR DECENT AND AFFORDABLE HOUSING FOR ALL: ensure that new developments provide the secure, affordable housing that people need, and that ‘gentrification’ doesn’t force thousands of local residents out of our borough

SUPPORT THE LOCAL ECONOMY: Starting with the strengths and needs of Tottenham’s residents, small businesses, social enterprises, cooperatives and community assets, putting sustainability, equality, local needs and community service at the heart of the local economy

PROMOTE QUALITY DESIGN AND RESPECT FOR HERITAGE: protect Tottenham’s listed buildings, conservation areas and general positive architectural characteristics, and ensure any new development is of good quality

IMPROVE THE STREET ENVIRONMENT: ensure safer, friendlier, traffic-calmed, ‘living’ streets with less clutter and more greenery

SUPPORT YOUTH VOICES, SERVICES AND FACILITIES: encourage and support our local youth speaking out for the services, centres and facilities they need

DEFEND AND EXPAND THE PROVISION OF GOOD, FREELY-ACCESSIBLE TO ALL, PUBLIC SERVICES They should be responsive to the everyday needs of our communities eg Health, Education, Welfare, Social Services and Social Care, Public Transport etc

WORK TOWARDS LONG-TERM ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: promote and encourage low/zero carbon energy, reduced consumption and waste, sustainable travel, biodiversity and natural habitats, and local production of food and other necessary goods and services. Our lives, our communities and our society should be sustainable for generations to come.

EMPOWER OUR COMMUNITIES: ensure real respect, engagement and empowerment for our communities and community groups so that they are driving the decision-making

DEVELOP LOCAL COMMUNITY PLANS: develop our own ideas and visions for our local sites & neighbourhoods

The Our Tottenham Charter was drafted by a series of open meetings of Tottenham community groups
from January to April 2013. The Charter‘s Action Points were developed, discussed, amended and adopted, along with the Charter as a whole, by the Our Tottenham open conference on 6th April 2013, attended by 110 people from over 30 local community organisations. They were collectively formulated by those attending workshops at the conference, and those that have been adopted are the ones ratified by the conference as a whole (through an overwhelming show of hands in support). There were further clauses discussed and agreed at the Oct 11th 2014 conference. It is intended that the Charter – especially its Action Points – is able to be further reviewed and developed in the future, as needed. This may be done at a recall conference or via some other appropriate inclusive process.