Our Tottenham Conference – Saturday 11th October 2014

Our next conference will focus on community plans being developed by local campaigns, community groups and centres. We will also take a fresh look at our charter and attempt to update it together. Find out more and how you can attend or contribute to the conference at Saturday 11th October Our Tottenham Conference

‘Tottenham Community Empowerment Week’ Saturday 4th October – Saturday 11th October

The week leading up to the conference is Tottenham Community Empowerment Week from Saturday 4th October – Saturday 11th October. Read more about the activities and events happening throughout the week at Community Empowerment Week

Our Tottenham Conference – Saturday 1st February 2014

Our Tottenham held an inspirational conference on 1st Feb 2014 to celebrate the successful campaigning and visions of local community groups and help turn ideas into new visions led by the community. See the relevant tab for some key documents outlining what was shared in workshops and some of the outcomes of discussions, and also what decisions were taken forward as action points from the day. The full summary report can be found there too, plus videos of key speeches.

Find out more and watch videos and read the conference reports at Saturday 1st February 2014 Our Tottenham Conference

Our Tottenham Conference – Saturday 6th April 2013

The Our Tottenham conference will bring together the key local community groups and campaigns in Tottenham who are affected by the Council’s ‘Plan for Tottenham’ and other planning and regeneration issues.  The idea is to work together and fight for our common interests, our neighbourhoods, our community facilities and for the needs of our communities throughout Tottenham.

We are calling on the people of Tottenham to oppose all inappropriate planning and developments and campaign to defend facilities and proposals which are led by local residents, for our benefit, and which improve neighbourhoods for our communities – not just for the benefit of big business. We need to show support for and help initiate new resident and community-led development plans that support the interests of local people.

We hope that what comes out of the conference will offer a clear and viable alternative to the plans of the Council and property developers, and we propose the formation of a Tottenham community planning and regeneration action network to spread co-operation and solidarity throughout Tottenham’s neighbourhoods – OUR neighbourhoods!

See more information at