Moving Forward Together – Our Tottenham Conference Sat 11th October – ALL WELCOME!

Moving Forward Together
Saturday 11 October, 11am – 4pm

North London Community House, 22 Moorefield Road, N17 6PY


Enable people to find out more about what the Council and developers are doing, and the work of the Our Tottenham Network. Inspire and enable the community to learn from successful community-led projects and local campaigning, and to promote and celebrate our achievements as local people. Take forward ideas from our Feb 2014 conference for positive Community Planning for local sites and for Tottenham as a whole. Update the Community Charter for Tottenham. To work towards building a mass movement based on community empowerment, social inclusion, fairness and justice for all


11. Arrival / registration

11.15am   General introduction / background   About Council/developers policies and plans + Our Tottenham network news + Purpose of conference

Short ‘inspirational’ presentations / updates from around Tottenham (eg North London Community House, Tottenham Business Group, Selby Centre, Chestnuts Community Arts Centre, Haringey Defend Council Housing, Wards Corner, Haringey Needs St Ann’s Hospital, Lordship Rec, Bull Lane Playing Fields, Community Land Trust etc)

12.15pm.  Workshops – 1st session: Mobilising and campaigning. An action discussion.
All discussions to include reference to an alternative Community Plan for Tottenham
a. Housing (including the campaign to defend Council housing estates) – HDCH
b. Economy – OT Economy Working Group (including discussing amendment to the Charter)
c. Youth – Paulette + (?)
d. Environmental sustainability (+ proposed paragraph to be added to Charter) – FOE / SH?
e. Community Facilities, including self-managed Community Centres – Community Centres people
f.  Public Services (including Health, Education, Welfare and Council services) – HANSAH etc
Break-out groups sharing ideas and experiences, and discussing the next steps. All to include ‘ensuring social inclusion’ as part of the discussions. [Note: Each workshop to propose 3 key action points / pledges?]

1pm  Break —————

Introduction on why we need a Community Plan for Tottenham. Break out into groups, each to discuss a. and b. below. What are the practicalities of developing local community plans for individual sites, and the proposed ‘Road Map’ for creating a Tottenham-wide Plan.

a.  How do people create Community Plans? Developing community visions and turning them into local Plans; Accessing and pressing for the funding/resources needed; Relations with Council and authorities; Negotiating legal/planning processes; Developing partnerships; Mobilising support and exercising our power to achieve Plans.
b.  How will we, together, create a Community Plan for Tottenham as a whole – agreeing and implementing a ‘Road Map’ over the next 12 months based on the Community Charter, the experiences of successful local community planning efforts, and the preliminary work of the Our Tottenham Community Planning Working Group. How can everyone contribute to the process? One over-arching plan? Several mini-plans for different geographical areas on the map (eg N/S/E/W/Central Tottenham?). A sector based approach e.g. community buildings; shops and workplaces; green spaces; housing? How do we ensure involvement and support from community groups and the wider public for the process and development of a draft Community Plan – local workshops, Questionnaires etc? How can we forestall adverse moves by Council/developers in time to prevent things we don’t want from becoming irreversible?

2.45pm   Final session   MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER
   Brief report-backs from the workshops and indicative show of hands for any proposals.

3.15pm   Discussion about ‘road map’ for the Community Plan for Tottenham as a whole.

3.30pm   Discussion on ways of involving/engaging/empowering the people of Tottenham in defending their needs and strengthening the OT network: eg supporting local campaigns, spreading mutual aid and solidarity, group affiliations, stalls, assemblies, active Working Groups, localised workshops and events, community-led consultations, lobbies, protests etc.

4pm.  Final remarks. Clear up together.

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