22-storey tower at Seven Sisters?

Pre-planning meeting next Tuesday 10th March at the Civic Centre
Please circulate.

Apex House, the unlovely redbrick Customer Services building at the junction of Seven Sisters Road and Tottenham High Road, is due to be demolished and replaced by a 22 storey tower block of mostly private-sale flats.  Not surprisingly, the developer is Grainger, as in slash-and-burn plans for Wards Corner, the adjacent building.  They have been gifted the site by the Council for £3.4 million, ie about the price of three houses in Muswell Hill.

This is, as far as I know, the first proposed building of this height in Haringey.  The Tottnm Hale towers are about 15 storeys.  Precedent?

I’ve blogged some stuff on the SoTo site:



https://gosoto.wordpress.com/2015/03/06/how-big/  and


Note in particular that last note, a pre-planning ‘advisory’ meeting with the Planning Committee, next Tuesday 10th March, at the Civic Centre.  The Agenda and reports pack for this meeting can be viewed on the Council’s website here:

Those of us who live literally in the possible shadow, will be there to offer some advice.

Broadwater Farm / Lordship area under threat

Leaflet: Defend our local estates and park… and support each other! (March 2015)

Broadwater Farm Residents’ Association, Broadwater United Sports And Football Academy, and Friends of Lordship Rec

Broadwater Farm / Lordship area under threat


Object now to shocking Council proposals which could lead to future demolition and ‘redevelopment’ of Broadwater Farm, Somerset Close, Lido Square and Moira Close, and to house-building on Lordship Rec…

Email the Council: ldf@haringey.gov.uk

The facts
The Council’s planning department are proposing a demolition and ‘redevelopment’ zone for the ‘Broadwater Farm Area’. This area includes not only the estate and all its marvelous community facilities, but also Somerset Close, Lido Square, Moira Close and the houses along Lordship Lane to the north. We have been told that the proposal would include housing to be built on a large chunk of the north end of Lordship Recreation Ground, including the enclosed sports field, to temporarily re-house some of those displaced by any future demolitions.

The proposed zone is indicated by a red line on a map (see right) taken from the Council’s draft Local Plan for Haringey 2011-2026 – ‘Site Allocation 63’. If this proposal is not chucked out now it would mean increased powers for property developers throughout that zone in the future, backed by Council encouragement and support. There is a borough-wide consultation over the whole draft Plan, with March 27 as the deadline for people to object to any proposals. We say object strongly and object now!

A threat to our community
This totally unnecessary attack on local communities and our park would cause massive stress to all concerned, displacement and disruption for years, and undermine all the successful efforts over decades to build a strong and stable local community and to improve local facilities. Local residents have worked long and hard to make Broadwater Farm one of the most attractive and well-served estates in the UK, and to make Lordship Rec the great park it now is – including the sports field, home of Broadwater United youth football teams. The estate and park have won many national awards for successful community-led regeneration and empowerment, and are now admired throughout the world. The Council should be celebrating what has been achieved instead of allowing planners to dream up outrageous proposals to destroy existing homes and facilities and break up our communities…. Continue reading

Community-Led Future – Update from Chestnut People 8th February 2015

Update from Chestnut People  – 8th February 2015

The good news for 2015 is that Chestnuts People continues as a vibrant force for community-led development of Chestnuts Centre and promotion of activities supporting

local people. So, despite Haringey Council installing Bridge Renewal Trust as interim managers, we are actively working on many projects that will result in a stronger community based in and around the centre in the long term.

Since being established Chestnuts People has involved centre users, other community groups in countering the agenda of Haringey Council to close the centre and use it for its own agenda. Chestnuts People has collaborated with the Chestnut Centre & Arts management to ensure the centre remains open while building works are done and has organised well-attended consultation events so that the true voice of users and the community influences the council’s plans for the centre.

Below we update on our current activities, including winning a national funding award to write a business plan and if you have any thoughts on our work then do let us know. Continue reading

Chestnuts People step up campaign to retain centre as a community-led resource

Latest update (see article in Haringey Independent below) on Chestnuts Community Centre where user groups are stepping up the campaign to retain and run the centre as a community-led resource as wanted by local people and user-groups.

Plus next consultation event Tuesday 20th January 2015, at 6.30pm. Come along and share your ideas about how and what you would like to see at Chestnuts Centre and how it should be run. Please attend even if you came to the first event, or come and join us for the first time. We will build on the work we have already done. All people welcome! Hot refreshments will be available.

On behalf of Chestnuts People

http://www.haringeyindependent.co.uk/news/11707750.Chestnuts_Community_Centre_management_refuse_to_hand_over_keys/Wednesday 7th January 2015, Haringey Independent
Chestnuts Community Centre management refuse to hand over keys

The battle over a community centre continues after Haringey Council officers were refused access to the building. The management of Chestnuts Community Centre in Seven Sisters was due to return the centre to council control on December 31 – but refused to hand over the keys. Continue reading

Chestnuts Community Centre saved from closure

Chestnuts Community Centre Update

Haringey Council announced at the end of last week that Chestnuts Community Centre will remain open. The widespread campaign and meetings with centre users made it clear that a closure would not be acceptable to the local community. However, the Council appointed Bridge Renewal Trust, without any consultation or advertising, to provide interim management arrangements for the centre.

Chestnuts People are still seeking to create a community led centre and will be preparing their plans over the coming months.

Please come and support Chestnuts People at the community led consultation and Fun-day:

Chestnuts People Consultation & fundraising event  is  on Saturday 13th December 2014 (see attached flyer).  They are expecting all users groups to be present at the Consultation for input in their redesign clinic and discussions;  they will also have a festive market, bike surgery, food and face painting for the children .

Chestnuts People are holding a raffle so any donations or items for the raffle would be much appreciated.

Please share with your networks.

Rally of Residents Concerned About Demolition of Council Homes and Businesses

Haringey Defend Council Housing

Saturday 6 December – 1pm to 2pm

Outside Coombes Croft Library, Tottenham High Rd, London N17 8AD
(opposite the Spurs ground)

We Call on Spurs fans to Support our Campaign Against Mass Demolitions of Council Homes and Shops in Tottenham

The Tottenham stadium expansion has been used by Spurs Directors, Haringey Council and the Mayor of London to promote a shocking and scandalous wholesale demolition of homes and businesses across Tottenham – as part of a jointly agreed so-called ‘regeneration’ scheme.

300 homes on the Love Lane estate are threatened with demolition as part of a scheme to provide an unnecessary ‘walkway’ to the new stadium. The plans to demolish and ‘redevelop’ housing estates began with Love Lane in the original Spurs-led Regeneration scheme, and were then promoted further by the Mayor of London and Haringey Council.  This has now expanded to a threat to demolish homes on the 1,000-home Northumberland Park estate to the east of the ground and council homes right across Tottenham.

A historic High Road shopping parade facing the ground, including the library and medical centre is also facing demolition, as is the entire Peacock Estate to the north – 120 businesses face ruin.

Local People Oppose the Demolitions: We will not be moved!

But the community is fighting back. 4,000 people signed a local protest petition. Large meetings have been held on threatened estates, coordinated by the Haringey Defend Council Housing campaign. And the Our Tottenham network has united a wide range of local community groups in speaking out for the real needs of local people.

Our rally is intended to ask Spurs fans to show their support for our campaign to get the Spurs Directors, Mayor of London and Haringey Council to end their demolition threats.  We will be displaying placards, distributing leaflets, having speeches, discussions with fans, and hopefully some enthusiastic chants to make our case to Spurs supporters.  Please come!

Contact:  Paul Burnham
07847 714 158 Continue reading

Chestnuts People Community-Led Consultation Event 13th December 2014

Chestnuts Community Centre is under threat of closure – Chestnuts people say No!

Come and have your say at the Consultation and Festive Fair – organised by the community: food, stalls, performances, kids activities, free bike repairs and music

Saturday 13th December 2014
11.00 – 4/00pm
280 St Ann’s Road
N15 5BN

• Haringey Council want to close Chestnuts Community Centre on the 31st December. They plan to take the building from the local community and put it out to public tender.
• This is after 25 years of community service with no direct financial support to the Centre. Haringey Council received over £300k in rent from the community during this period.
• Haringey Council has no idea about the important role that Chestnuts Community Centre plays in the life of the local community or services provided here!THE COUNCIL INTENDS TO CLOSE THE CENTRE ON 31ST DECEMBER 2014!  THE CHESTNUTS PEOPLE SAY…NO!PLEASE SUPPORT THE CAMPAIGN TO KEEP THE CENTRE IN COMMUNITY CONTROL BY:
• Signing the online petition at change.org/p/save-chestnuts
• Attending the community led consultation event on Saturday 13th December 2014 (see overleaf for more info)
• Become one of ‘Chestnuts People’ – a diverse group of users and wider community members developing a community plan for the centre
• Lobbying and/or writing to your local councillor and local MP for Tottenham, David Lammy to say ‘No’ to the closure of Chestnuts
• Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter COMMUNITY LED ENGAGEMENT….NOT COUNCIL ‘CONSULTATION’!
• Have your say about what activities you would like to see at Chestnuts
• Join our community-led process to create a Community Plan for Chestnuts.
• Come and meet other Centre users and people from the local area

For further information please contact:
0208 802 4649
Twitter @chestnutspeople
Facebook www.facebook.com/chestnutspeople

Support Chestnuts Community Centre!

Please sign and promote the petition to all your contacts: https://www.change.org/p/save-chestnuts

Public meeting
Haringey Council plan to meet with Chestnuts Community Centre users at the centre based at:
208 St Ann’s Road, Tottenham N15 5BN  [On the east side of Chestnuts Park]
Tuesday 25th November 2014 @ 7pm sharp

We would like to show solidarity with organisations which run activities at the centre, so please come and join them, especially if you have ever attended an event at this centre. If not, we still need you to show support as the Council is planning to close the building on 31st December 2014. The Council says it will put it out to public tender after it has completed buildings repairs next year.  More than 30 (predominately Black led), groups currently use the building and they will be adversely affected by this decision.
Chestnuts People – a new group of centre users and wider community members say ‘No’ to this decision!
Join them on Tuesday 25th November.


2 x Petitions: Save Chestnuts Community Centre & St Ann’s Hospital site

Save Chestnuts Community Centre


Haringey Council want to close Chestnuts Community Centre on the 31st December. They plan to take the building from the local community and put it out to public tender.

– This is after 25 years of Community service with no direct financial support to theCentre. Haringey Council received over £300k in rent from the community during this period.

– Haringey Council has no idea about the important role that Chestnuts Community Centre plays in the life of the local community or services provided here.

– The council intends to close the centre on 31st December 2014.

The chestnuts people say…..no!

Please support the campaign to keep the centre in community.

Haringey Needs St Ann’s Hospital


Haringey’s last hospital is under threat. Plans to redevelop the St Ann’s Hospital site have been rumbling on since 2006. Now, as the managers of the site, Barnet Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust (BEHMHT) are preparing their application to get Foundation Trust Status in 2014 the redevelopment plans have been developing rapidly. To get Foundation Trust status BEHMHT needs to ‘balance its books’. They claim the site is underutilised, has poor facilities and is costing them £7.5m a year to maintain. They say the only way they can afford to provide the healthcare facilities we need is to sell off two thirds of the site to property developers. We say we already pay for universal healthcare out of our taxes, we demand healthcare facilities that meet the needs of local people now and for the foreseeable future. We don’t see the site as a liability – it is an asset that needs protecting.

We the undersigned call for a halt to the plans to sell off NHS land at St Ann’s Hospital to property developers, and instead call for improved mental and physical health services to be provided on the site to meet the needs of Haringey’s residents now and in the foreseeable future, including expanded Mental Health facilities, a multiagency Child Development Centre and an Urgent Care Centre.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/HaringeyNeedsStAnnsHospital

Twitter: @StAnnsHospital

A ‘Road-Map’ for the Community Plan for Tottenham

The following year-long ‘Road Map’ was agreed at the OT Conference 2014:

What we’ve already achieved so far – as a foundation for the next steps:

1. Produced a summary of a wide range of successful & inspiring community-led Tottenham projects
2. Adopted a Community Charter (April 2013) with positive policies on what we want
3. 46 community organisations have so far signed up to the Charter.
4. Held a Conference on Community Planning (Feb 2014), which adopted a series of further recommendations for moving forward
5. Agreed a set of Guiding Principles for the evaluation of proposed urban development plans/sites.
6. Set up a Community Planning Working Group
7. Started compiling a range of Reports and Consultation documents already produced (eg Tottenham Futures, Atkins Open Space Assessment etc) which contain quite a lot of detail about what people want and deficiencies that need addressing etc
8. Started Information Mapping (online and on paper) collating a large amount of data about Tottenham, its facilities, services, buildings, open spaces, population, community groups etc
9. Started developing Working Groups on a number of key themes (Economy, Housing, Planning Policies etc) which will help focus and guide activity

Some next steps up to the spring 2015:

10. Have a more detailed look at successful Community Plans in Tottenham and elsewhere, eg the process, visioning, community involvement, funding etc. How did they do it? What could we learn from them? Support the Wards Corner Community Coalition to implement its Community Plan (and to make links with similar Elephant and Castle site), and the Warehouses of Harringay Association of Tenants to develop a Community Plan. Encourage Tottenham Traders Partnership to lobby the Council to back Community Plans.
11. Identify special qualities, strengths and uniqueness of Tottenham, and our local communities / neighbourhoods / facilities / services / peoples etc
12. Make some comparisons between Tottenham and other parts of London to show how we are integrated into the wider city
13. Start to involve more of Tottenham’s community groups and our wider communities in this process, including specialist groups which can advise the network regarding key themes.
14. Update and launch the Information Mapping about Tottenham, including an audit of black and minority ethnic Centres and spaces. Find a technical coordinator.
15. Clarify the planning policy basis for a Community Plan ie Local, London and National official policies supporting Community Planning
16. Do fundraising to support development of an initial draft Plan
17. Assemble a team of volunteers to kick off the creation of the draft Plan – outreach / community workshops / volunteers (eg network members, Team London etc). Develop a strategy for involving students, including University College London and Plymouth University.

Steps up to the Summer 2015

18. Create a Visioning Document (Skeleton) to be adopted at the next OT conference