Two new working group meetings Thursday 9th Jan 7pm

Local economy working group

Thursday 9th Jan 2014, 7pm at the Pueblito Paisa cafe at Wards Corner

Support our local, independent, family shops and enterprises
–       Build stronger alliances between residents and traders, and between residents’ groups and the Tottenham Traders Partnership
–       Lobby and champion for the needs of small businesses
–       Do an audit of local small businesses, their goods and services, and their issues

This meeting is open to anyone interested in Tottenham’s local economy or challenging the council’s disastrous ‘regeneration’ plans. Please do come along.

Housing working group

Thursday 9th Jan 2014, 7pm at 410 Tottenham High Road, The Bookhouse/Garden house restaurant/cafe.The Our Tottenham Conference participants together agreed on 6th April 2013 to following set of principles which we can discuss further and are part of the Our Tottenham community charter.


Ensure that new developments provide the secure, affordable housing that people need, and that ‘gentrification’ doesn’t force thousands of local residents out of our borough
–       Support residents associations and residents action groups that raise, or can raise these issues
–       Challenge Council policies on housing in new developments. Set our own agenda for, and definition of, genuine ‘affordability’ and ‘security of tenure’, in contrast to Council definitions.
–       Raise public awareness regarding the need for genuinely affordable housing, long-term security of tenure and people’s housing needs generally, and the need to speak up for this.
–       Support the residents of Love Lane Estate, and any other residents, threatened with possible relocation and demolition


Our Tottenham – Residents’ Conference, Sat 1st Feb 2014

A conference organised by and for local residents…

IT’S OUR TOTTENHAM – Creating our own Community Plans for local sites, facilities and neighbourhoods, and for Tottenham as a whole.

Saturday 1st February 11am – 4pm

at Tottenham Chances, 399 Tottenham High Road, N17 6QN

Tottenham is a great place with a rich social and architectural history, made up of vibrant, diverse and talented communities. We want to ensure this continues!

We must challenge policies and practices that do not benefit the people of Tottenham. The Council, backed by property developers and big business, are promoting their ‘Plan for Tottenham’ – mainly large-scale, profit-driven development, increased rents, more unaffordable housing, and the loss of some independent local shops and community facilities. Its not all bad but, unless challenged, this will seriously affect our lives and our communities, and rising rents will force many local people out of the area.

Together we are very powerful and can make our own plans. How do we do this? Thousands of Tottenham residents have campaigned and worked hard for years to improve their local areas and facilities. The conference will showcase and learn from some of the many inspirational examples of community-led regeneration of estates, parks, local facilities, and neighbourhoods.

In every neighbourhood throughout Tottenham we should support or create new community groups and campaigns which take action to: Defend community facilities and services; Stand up for decent & affordable housing for all; Support small businesses; Promote quality design and respect for heritage; Improve the street environment and green spaces; Support youth voices, services and facilities; Empower local communities. Continue reading

Our Tottenham Community Planning Conference


For local sites, facilities and neighbourhoods, and for Tottenham as a whole

Saturday 1st February 2014, 11-4pm

Tottenham Chances, 399 Tottenham High Road, N17 6QN
Find the flyer here, along with the Our Tottenham Community Charter

Come and join in the conference!
• SAY NO to evictions and demolitions of homes or small shops, to high rents, and to the loss of local community facilities and services
• HEAR about inspirational and successful examples of community-led regeneration around Tottenham and London
• DISCUSS what people can do in local neighbourhoods to develop their own community plans to improve their areas

Together we are very powerful and can make our own plans.

Let’s speak out for our real needs, and defend our communities.

Local Traders Condemn ‘Sham’ Council consultation – For North Tottenham High Road West – as ‘lies’, and call for a new scenario for the area

Download copy of document here

On Thursday 28th November a delegation of traders from North Tottenham High Road West addressed the Council’s cabinet meeting. They presented their 4,000-strong petition in which local people rejected the demolition of the area. The traders condemned the consultation over the future of the area as a ‘sham’ and said they had been lied to by the Council. They also condemned the report of the consultation that had excluded or sidelined most of the objections. They called on the Council to ‘freeze this planning process and sit down to design a new Scenario, one that includes this Business Community and allows it to move forward and grow within the regeneration process, not be excluded from it.’  Their powerful presentation is included below in full…

Chick King Tottenham

It should be noted that many Councillors are at last beginning to criticise the Council’s plans. At the meeting, Cllr Meehan called on the Council to condemn Tottenham Hotspur FC for buying up shops and businesses under threat, describing this as ‘making a killing’ and a ‘fire sale’. Cllr Stanton said the process of demolition and redevelopment was recognised throughout London as ‘social cleansing’. Cllr Winskill, the Chair of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee which met on the previous Tuesday, said then that ‘we are talking about a massive socio-economic transformation of the area’ and asked ‘who is the redevelopment of Tottenham for?’. At that same meeting Cllr Bull, the former head of the Scrutiny Cttee, said ‘I still have a niggling concern that we rolled over far too quickly on the section 106 on Spurs’ [in which the Council allowed THFC to abandon its agreed obligations to build affordable housing and to put 16m into the local community]. ‘It just seems like everything is Spurs, Spurs, Spurs, Spurs, Spurs at the expense of everything else.’ Continue reading