Parkside Malvern Residents Association: The Future of Wood Green?

Parkside Malvern Residents Association General Meeting on Wednesday 26 April 2017

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the PMRA  letter dated March 2017 sent in response to the Wood Green Area Action Plan (WGAAP) consultation. There was unanimous support for  the concerns raised in our letter.

Residents shared their confusion about the relationship between the WGAAP and the Haringey Development Vehicle and worried about  the complexity and speed of planned changes.  Fears about the future of the  market hall were voiced in view of rumoured closure. The market and the Mall are seen as, not ideal, but functioning well and suitable for the nature of Wood Green.

People understood  that the WGAAP is a prospectus for property developers rather than a commitment to build homes in ways that  value current and future residents.   It was noted that a model of the imagined future Wood Green has already been displayed at the property developers fair in Cannes. Some people felt that the council was already committed to this model of development and that as residents we are unheard and helpless.

Residents appreciate that the council has a duty to raise revenue and provide more housing and this means changes.  After considering the details of the plan our opposition  can be summed up under two headings.

  1. It is the wrong vision that  cares too little for the welfare of people, and the environment. We envisage investment in improving current housing stock and building new homes that imaginatively retain and improve open space and do not detract from current neighbourhoods.
  2. The vision in the plan is not achievable.  It is over dependent on a gamble on the building of Crossrail 2  in the centre of Wood Green. We do not believe that Wood Green, could, or should be a rival to Westfield style centres. We believe the plan is inappropriately ambitious and will result in turning Wood Green into a building site for 20 years by which time it will be seen as a white elephant.

The meeting concluded with full endorsement of our letter of objection. We urge the council to withdraw the plan and think again.

Next General Meeting on Wednesday 31 May 2017.  This will be a Hustings ie a meeting to put our questions to the parliamentary candidates who seek our vote on election day on 8 June.

Everyone welcome.

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