Publicity & Media

Our Tottenham Publicity Materials

Our Tottenham Community Charter Leaflet Updated Nov 2014
Flyer – Charter Summary leaflet A5

Community Empowerment Week 4th Oct – 12 Oct 2014
Flyer – Community Empowerment Week

Community Planning Conference at 1st Feb 2014
Flyer – Community Planning Conference

Local Media

10th October 2014 – LondonIST
Community Fights Back Over Tottenham Regeneration Plans

9th April 2013 – Tottenham Journal
Tottenham Residents Come Together to Launch Community Regeneration Network

9th April 2013 – Haringey Independent
Conference Calls for Community-Led Regeneration

8th April 2013 – Chris Brown on Regeneration and Development
Tottenham Slow Motion Car Crash – Top Down versus Bottom Up

6th January 2013 – Haringey Independent
Community Conference on Plan for Tottenham


National Media

30th October 2013 – Tottenham’s Stadium Development: Local’s losing out?

17th September 2014 – The truth about property developers: Howe they are exploiting planning authorities and ruining our cities