Respond to ‘High Road West’ consultation (by 25th Oct)

The Tottenham Business Group at High Road West – opposite the Spurs ground – speaks up for the 120 threatened local businesses threatened with demolition. They are calling on everyone to respond to the outrageous proposals for the mass demolitions in the area. The proposals follow the fraudulent ‘consultation’ last year in which there was no option to oppose demolitions. At that time 4,000 people signed a petition against demolitions.

The Tottenham Business Group recommend ticking the ‘strongly disagree’ boxes in the current consultation.
Fill in your response asap (by 25th Oct at the latest):

The Our Tottenham Co-ordination Group have responded by ticking most of the ‘strongly disagree’ boxes, but leaving a few blank.
We also commented on each page ‘Totally opposed to any demolitions of existing buildings. Support retention and improvements to existing buildings and facilities.’

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