StART – Community Land Trust in Tottenham

StART (St Ann’s Redevelopment Trust) are setting up a community land trust in Tottenham and would like some help with fundraising, publicity, planning etc.

START is a group of Haringey residents and workers who want to see the St. Ann’s Hospital site used for the good of the community, rather than in the interests of big developers. We want to plan and organise a community-led development with the full participation of local people, to provide genuinely affordable homes and other facilities that respond to local needs.

Next year, two-thirds of the St Ann’s Hospital site is due to be sold for private housing development, with only 14% of the homes classed as “affordable”. The current proposal takes no account of the needs of local people at a time of severe housing need. Existing workspace and green space will be destroyed and turned over to expensive housing, putting huge pressure on local health services that are already stretched to their limit.

We believe we can do better than this! The St Ann’s site is a public asset which could benefit the whole community rather than a few wealthy private developers, landlords and their tenants.

Across the country, community projects are successfully raising funds and buying public assets for everyone to access – and we intend to do the same.

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