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The network includes:

Bull Lane Playing Fields Campaign / Weir Hall Action Group
Chestnuts Community Centre
Clyde Area Residents Association
Defend Haringey Health Services
Dissident Sound Industry Studios
Find Your Voice
Friends of Downhills Park
Friends of Lordship Rec
Growing-In-Haringey Network
Haringey Alliance for Public Services
Haringey Defend Council Housing
Haringey Federation of Residents Associations
Haringey Friends of Parks Forum
Haringey Green Party
Haringey Housing Action Group
Haringey Independent Cinema
Haringey Justice for Palestinians
Haringey Left Unity
Haringey Living Streets
Haringey Needs St Ann’s Hospital
Haringey Private Tenants Action Group
Haringey Solidarity Group
Haringey Trades Union Council
Living Under One Sun
Lord Morrison Hall / Afro International
N.London Community House
Peoples World Carnival Band
Selby Centre
The Banc
Tottenham and Wood Green Friends of the Earth
Tottenham Chances
Tottenham Civic Society
Tottenham Community Choir
Tottenham Community Sports Centre
Tottenham Concerned Residents Committee
Tottenham Rights
Tottenham Theatre
Tottenham Traders Partnership
Tower Gardens Residents Group
Tynemouth Area Residents Association
University and College Union at CONEL
Urban Tattoo
Wards Corner Community Coalition
1000 Mothers’ March Organising Group
20’s Plenty for Haringey

Details about some of the above groups, as of April 2013:

Lord Morrison Hall: Community Centre in Scales Road, Tottenham since the 70′s and is now run by Afro International. The council has decided not to renew the 20 year lease that is ending in February and so far seems determined to reject any application, however good, to renew it. The centre held a meeting in December to oppose the repossession attended by over 150 people, reflecting the amount of support for such community spaces. The group are taking legal advice and are planning a legal campaign against the council.

Wards Corner Coalition: This area around the former department store on the corner of the High Road and Seven Sisters Rd has been deliberately neglected by the council and landlords for years. In 2003 the council brought in and supported the developer Grainger with public funds. Their plan is to evict the vibrant indoor mainly latin-american market and the family-run shops in the area, demolish and rebuild with 100% private flats above a development of high street chain stores replacing the existing market. The group organised 3 massive public meetings and a 500-strong hands around the site protest. They also successfully challenged the developers in court (setting a historic precedent) as theyd failed to consider equalities issues in the original plan. The developers resubmitted a new plan which was approved by the council and the group are fundraising for costs towards the second legal challenge against the council and developer. The group, including residents and traders, have developed their own Community Plan which would retain the historic building, renew the whole area, ensure the wishes of traders and residents and offer a chance to show how distinctive and different Tottenham is.

Welbourne Centre:  After a long campaign, including a march, and a costly legal battle, the well-used community centre run by the local african-caribbean community for 20 years, was repossessed by the council this month. There were plans to occupy but the council boarded the place up before anything could happen. Welbourne prepared a business plan to keep it open but this was rejected by the council, who failed to listen to the community group. The group will continue to campaign for the Centre despite it being boarded up, to share their experience, and campaign for the importance of all such community centres to ensure no more are closed. [Update: In the west of the borough there are also possible threats to close the Jackson’s Lane Arts Centre, Hornsey Historical Society HQ and the Hornsey Vale Community Centre]

Bull Lane Playing Fields: The campaign to save these playing fields in North Tottenham has been going on since 1985. The council said the fields are surplus to requirements despite the lack of green space and sports facilities in the borough. The campaign group has done a lot from 1985 until now to raise the issue and campaign to save the fields as a local sports venue including plenty of media coverage, lobbying, and have raised 1 million Lottery money to buy the land but the council won’t sell it to the group, the land would be worth a lot of profit to property developers but is worth more than money to local residents! The group recently heard that the council have abandoned threats to build on the land, but have gone quiet. The campaign continues. Advice to all campaigners is to stick with it it takes time, you must believe in what you are fighting for and get the community behind you.

Everybody’s Music:  Successful campaign, including lobbying and marches, saved this historic music shop at Seven Sisters from being replaced with a betting shop.

Stonebridge Lock: Last March British Waterways wanted to close down the Waterside Centre for which public money was spent on building and used my a number of community groups. A coalition of these groups including Friends of Tottenham Marshes, The Canoeing Club and Living Under One Sun successfully applied to co-manage the centre and now have a 5 year lease.

Chestnut Community Centre: Is under threat of repossession. They are in process of taking council to court, council in turn has requested more time to prepare their case. Council do not want to renew lease to current management. The well-used Centre has been in hands of community for 24 years and the group are not prepared to let it end now.

Broadwater Farm/Lordship Recreation Ground: Following the riots in 1985 the residents of the estate stepped up their efforts to improve the poorly-designed estate which had few facilities. The community-led regeneration of the estate attracted tens of millions of resources and has been a huge success. Tottenhams largest and most-neglected green space, Lordship Rec, is adjacent to the estate and has recently had a 5m makeover due to the long-term commitment and hard work of the residents group Friends of Lordship Rec. The whole regeneration process was community-led in partnership with the Councils Parks Service, and the new facilities are now run in partnership with the various park user groups. It shows what can be done where there’s the resources and will…

St Ann’s Hospital: Facilities at the Hospital have been run down over a period of years. The Mental Health Trust, who manage the site, are now planning a major redevelopment which would see the health services pushed into a corner of the site and the rest of the land sold off for housing. A campaign has successfully reversed the decision to move the inpatient wards out of the borough. The Defend Haringey Health Services campaign continue to monitor the plans and campaigners are calling for the needs of the community to come first.

Love Lane: There are options which include proposals to demolish some of the Council houses between White Hart Lane Station and the new Spurs stadium to provide a Wembley style walkway. Haringey Defend Council Housing have been touch with local residents to offer support and held meetings on the estate.

Lawrence Road Development:  Lawrence Road plan, recently approved by the council, is over-development and includes only 6 social housing flats out of a total of 270(?) housing units. Members of local residents associations have voiced opposition to the plans but the consultation process does not seem genuine. Could local people take action and develop their own community plan for the area?