1st February 2014

Our Tottenham Community Planning Conference 1st February 2014

Our Tottenham held an inspirational conference on 1st Feb 2014 to celebrate the successful campaigning and visions of local community groups and help turn ideas into new visions led by the community. Below are some key documents outlining what was shared in workshops and some of the outcomes of discussions, and also what decisions were taken forward as action points from the day.

Report of Conference

Our Tottenham Conference Feb 2014 Summary

Key guidance and action points from the workshops

Developing community visions and turning them into Plans
·         Map out existing community assets to help in the development of community planning
·         Create physical and virtual space to collect together information about everything that local community / campaign groups are doing in Tottenham, in order to make such information widely accessible
·         Present plans in a financially and socially viable way

Accessing and pressing for the funding/resources needed to implement Plans
·         Our Tottenham members are encouraged to map, register and where possible run community assets
·         We should consider forming appropriate planning and development bodies (eg Neighbourhood Forums and Trusts etc)
·         To research and consider the range of potential resources and how to access them
Relations with Council and other official and commercial bodies to achieve Plans
·         Keep building up the Our Tottenham network to increase legitimacy, co-operation and cohesion, so that groups in Tottenham are strong and working together
·         Develop our research and evidence base, sharing knowledge, experience and information about the area and what is important to us in Tottenham
·         Be prepared to negotiate in various ways and times with the authorities generally and around specific schemes – and be aware of how the authorities work so that we can participate in official discussions and planning

Understanding, using and negotiating legal/planning processes
·         As individuals, groups and where possible as a network we should formally respond to relevant council consultations, especially the Tottenham Area Action Plans and the Sites Allocations.
·         We need to insist that consultation processes are accessible, transparent and genuine
·         We must publicly hold councillors to account for their policy decisions
·         We need to have multiple lines of engagement over planning issues, and must continue to develop our own community vision and policies, alongside our critique of existing official proposals, plans and policies.

Mobilising public support and exercising our power to achieve Plans
·         When developing Plans we need to engage young people and all sections of our local communities
·         Find a common simple message to unite and rally people around
·         Be well organised through developing action plans, and local community and solidarity networks.

The agreed next steps

  1. We pledge to support Community Planning throughout Tottenham. We will encourage local people to develop their own plans for the improvements to local sites, facilities and neighbourhoods, and for Tottenham as a whole.
  2. We insist that all those with wealth, resources or decision-making power affecting any or all of our neighbourhoods work in genuine partnership with those who live or work here, support our community organisations, and help implement local community plans and community-led regeneration.
  3. We will continue to encourage and support local people to challenge any and all inappropriate or inadequate development proposals which do not address the real needs of our communities, or which displace local people. Our Tottenham pledges to continue to support all groups that are developing their own plans or defending community assets that are under threat. Our Tottenham will respond to official Council consultations regarding Tottenham.
  4. We will set up a Community Planning Working Group promoting and supporting community planning, local planning workshops and residents’ own consultations. The group will also co-ordinate the efforts to develop a Community Plan for Tottenham. The Community Planning group will be guided by the Community Charter, and by the agreed action points coming out of the conference workshops.
  5. We will support the development of other Our Tottenham Working Groups, eg on the Local Economy, Housing, Planning Policy, Community Facilities, Youth, Community Planning, Communications etc,…
  6. We agree there should be an Our Tottenham Recall Conference in summer/autumn 2014 to strengthen the work and increase the size of the network and its Working Groups, evaluate the Community Charter, and to discuss how best to mobilise our communities to speak out for their interests.

Notes from Conference

Morning Plenary Notes
Morning Workshops Notes
Afternoon Workshops Notes


End of conference photo Feb 2014


OT Conference 1st Feb 2014