Coordination Meeting 20th May 2021

Next Our Tottenham coordination meeting:   Thursday 17th June, 7.30pm by Zoom.

Our Tottenham Network  Report of Coordination Meeting – 20thMay 2021 [by zoom]

Present: Dave Morris (Friends of Lordship Rec / Haringey Community Centres Network) – facilitated, David King, Martin Ball (Friends of Down Lane Park), Paul Burham (Haringey Defend Council Housing), Pamela Harling (Sustainable Haringey/Wolves Lane) – took notes, Shirley Hanazawa (Wards Corner Community Coalition).      

Apologies: Mark Panton (Researcher), Jasmin Taylor (Marcus Garvey library)

Background: This was the first coordination meeting for a few months, so the aim was to focus on updates.

The main business of the previous meeting had been to discuss the Council’s proposed new Local Plan. David King sent a response to the initial consultation stressing the importance of socio-economic status as a metric for planning.  We are now expecting the report on the first consultation.  


1. Spurs developments at the Goods Yard and the Printworks. There is a dispute now between who develops these sites – the council or Spurs. There is a pre-application meeting for the planning permission on 25th May.  Link sent round. It is not clear what is happening on the Love Lane estate – is there still gong to be tenant’s ballot over demolition and rehousing proposals? The Temporary Accommodation tenants’ group is still active.  TAG to be asked to the next meeting.

Peacock Industrial Estate is still under pressure to sell out to the council, but campaigning for their own interests.

Spurs are looking to provide more housing and are proposing a tower block.  Northumberland Terrace is being refurbished.

There has been a change in leadership in the Council (new leader is Peray Ahmet).  Ruth Gordon takes on housing and John Bevan management of council housing. So there may be less sympathy for the Spurs plans?

The Spurs developments may squeeze the High Road West masterplan.

2. There is a crowdfund in process for ‘meanwhile’ use by the market activists of part of the Latin market at Wards Corner, since Apex House is no longer available as a temporary space.

3. St Ann’s. The Trust’s lobbying efforts continue. There is still concern that not enough social housing will be provided on site and that there will be higher rents for new build properties. It is still hoped that the council will build 200 houses at this site.

4. Broadwater Farm. 2 blocks are to be demolished for safety reasons. Tenure in the blocks is not always clear.  Compulsory purchase orders may be needed in the blocks to be demolished. Architects are consulting widely over replacement designs for the blocks and also how to develop various non-residential parts of the estate.

5. Bruce Grove low traffic neighbourhood consultation will take place next week with a series of virtual consultations. Comments can also be made on the website.

6. Libraries. Most are now open again.  The children’s garden planting at the back of Marcus Garvey is taking place.  The new screening looks nice.  There is support from Isadoros Diakides (one of the local councillors). 

7. There is money for the refurbishment of empty buildings in and around Tottenham High Rd. eg Luke Howard’s House, Palace Theatre, Youth Centre, loos at bottom of Bruce Grove.  What’s happening at Bruce Grove station?

Any Other Business     Dave stressed the growing outrage over current government proposals on changes to planning legislation which threatens to remove all community rights to challenge planning applications.  

Spurs: a couple of hundred of fans gathered outside the ground last Saturday to protest against the Club’s support for the ill-fated ‘European Super League’…
Next Our Tottenham coordination meeting:   Thursday 17th June, 7.30pm by Zoom.

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