Massive Victory by the Wards Corner / Save Latin Village campaign – property developer pulls out of demolition plan

The property developer, Grainger, has pulled out of the Wards Corner / Market site and the council are at last giving their full support to the Community Plan!!
This is a huge victory against overwhelming odds, following 15 years of struggle – a victory not just for residents and traders but for anti-demolition and anti-gentrification campaigns across London.
The Development Trust are now calling on Sadiq Khan to move quickly to confirm his support for the plan and begin collaborating with the Trust and Haringey Council to implement its delivery.
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Statement from the N15 Development Trust:

” We are excited to announce that following Grainger’s withdrawal from the Wards Corner site, Haringey Council have committed to working with us to implement the Community Plan! This is a major victory for the community – read our joint statement here: See also – Trust is ready to work with all parties to deliver the community plan and calls upon Sadiq Khan and Transport for London to collaborate with us in securing a future for the site which benefits everyone in Tottenham. We also reiterate our urgent call for financial support for affected traders.Grainger’s withdrawal marks the end of 15 years of neglect, fear and uncertainty for traders, residents and businesses. The Community Plan is a viable scheme which has already achieved planning permission – we hope to move as quickly as possible to restore the Wards buildings. “

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