Community Ownership


Thanks all for coming to the first consultation meeting about what we want on the St Ann’s hospital site. The next follow up meeting will be on Wednesday 22nd July at 7pm and is at the Phoenix Millennium Centre which is on the corner of West Green Road and Vincent Road, N15. The entrance to the building is on Vincent Road. We are really sorry but the room is up a set of stairs so it’s not accessible for anyone in a wheelchair or with bad mobility.

Two new community development trusts have been set up to create community plans led by the community. Follow the links for more information and get in contact with them directly.

N15 Development Trust (Wood Green Road/Seven Sisters)
WGR & Seven Sisters working together with the community to support the local economy and further development in the best interests of the community as a whole.
Twitter: @n15devtrust

South Tottenham Community Development Trust (including the St Anns Site)
A new group in South Tottenham who want to reclaim public assets at risk of being sold off to private developers and give them back to the community.
Twitter: @stcdgroup

This working group was initiated following the Our Tottenham Strategy meeting in November 2014. Discussions around the different ways to ensure community ownership of spaces. e.g. Community Land Trusts, Co-operatives, Community-led council spaces (how to ensure the residents or workers are making the decisions in council estates and jobs/workplaces).