Ensure that new developments provide the secure, affordable housing that people need, and that ‘gentrification’ doesn’t force thousands of local residents out of our borough

–       Support residents associations and residents action groups that raise, or can raise these issues
–       Challenge Council policies on housing in new developments. Set our own agenda for, and definition of, genuine ‘affordability’ and ‘security of tenure’, in contrast to Council definitions.
–       Raise public awareness regarding the need for genuinely affordable housing, long-term security of tenure and people’s housing needs generally, and the need to speak up for this.
–       Support the residents of Love Lane Estate, and any other residents, threatened with possible relocation and demolition

Minutes of the Housing Working Group meetings:

13th May 2014
8th April 2014
14th March 2014
13th February 2014
9th January 2014

Local Housing Groups:

Haringey Defend Council Housing
Haringey Housing Action Group (who are part of Haringey Solidarity Group who also take action around housing issues across Haringey)
Haringey Private Tenants Action Group
Tottenham Civic Society (regularly respond to planning applications and concern for historic preservation of buildings)

Useful Documents & Leaflets

A Walking Tour – Some Tottenham Housing Campaigns: Past, Present & Future
A walk visiting some of the estates and homes where campaigns have been fought and won, meeting with residents who have been directly involved in community-led improvements of their homes. Be inspired to take action today by learning about past successful struggles. Organised by members of the housing working group

Our Tottenham Housing Factsheet: Demolitions v Refurbishment (Why demolitions of social housing are always detrimental and refurbishment is always the better option)

Warehouses of Haringey Association of Tenants (W.H.A.T) – March 2014 Site allocation response (2 documents)
WHAT consultation submission S2-1
WHAT consultation submission S3